WazirX Launches INR Market for Trading Injective (INJ) in India

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WazirX Launches INR Market for Trading Injective (INJ) in India

  • WazirX has introduced the Indian Rupees (INR) market for trading Injective (INJ) tokens.
  • Users can seamlessly buy, sell, and trade INJ with INR on the WazirX platform.
  • WazirX recently announced the shutdown of its NFT marketplace.

In a significant development for the crypto trading community, leading cryptocurrency exchange WazirX has announced the introduction of the Indian Rupees (INR) market for trading the popular token, Injective (INJ).

This move allows users to seamlessly buy, sell, and trade INJ with INR on the WazirX platform, offering enhanced accessibility and convenience.

⚡️ INJ/INR trading is live on WazirX ⚡️

You can now buy, sell, and trade $INJ in the INR market of WazirX! @Injective_

Spread the word 🙌https://t.co/hvVbxAxouZ

— WazirX: India Ka Bitcoin Exchange (@WazirXIndia) May 5, 2023

The introduction of the INR market for INJ on WazirX signifies the exchange’s commitment to expanding its offerings and providing users with diverse trading options. The move comes in response to the growing demand for INR trading pairs and represents a significant step towards meeting the evolving needs of the Indian crypto community.

WazirX’s recent blog post announced that users could withdraw INJ a few days after the listing, ensuring seamless access to their funds.

WazirX Lists INR/INJ Trading pair

This recent listing of the INR/INJ trading pair indicates the commitment that the WazirX exchange platform in India is ready to enhance the acceleration and adoption of cryptocurrency in India. Also, it shows that WazirX is willing to cooperate with the Indian government regarding regulations and taxes laid in the cryptocurrency sector.

Despite this good news of the listing of the Indian Rupee on the platform, the Indian exchange firm recently announced that it has shut down from offering services of the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) marketplace. However, WazirX announced that all the NFTs being traded on WazirX will now be traded on Opensea.

TheNewsCrypto media has reported that the WazirX exchange imposes a withdrawal fee of 30.43 USDT for the minimum withdrawal amount of 60.80 USDT.

Despite this news, INJ has been trading in a bearish mood in the last 24 hours, where the digital token has recorded a price decrease of 2.41% and is exchanging hands at $7.43 with a support level of $7.38 and the resistance level at $7.96.

Source: ethereum.today

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