U.K Real Estate Firms Hopping on Crypto Train – Here’s How

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U.K Real Estate Firms Hopping on Crypto Train – Here’s How

A marketing agency has been contracted to develop a crypto portal for a real estate company and is also working on a website to improve its offerings. However, this is no ordinary website, but one that is designed to link property owners willing to accept cryptocurrencies for their houses with buyers.

Property Webmasters, a Hartlepool-based digital marketing firm, has revealed that they have been contracted to create a cryptocurrency portal for a real estate firm in the UK. The identity of the real estate firm was not disclosed but James Sheldon, operations manager at Property Webmasters stated that the real estate brand was desirous of expanding its reach to new frontiers.

The portal will serve as a gateway for clients that wish to make payments in cryptocurrencies. Defending the move, CEO of Property Webmasters, Jamie Arthur said that cryptocurrencies have been rising on an upward trajectory in the last 5 years and firms will naturally “want to be part of that worldwide progression.”

A platform to bridge both parties

In addition to the contract with the real estate brand, Property Webmasters is also working on a directory for owners that will accept cryptocurrencies as payment for their properties. The move is tailor-made for crypto enthusiasts and is considered to be a step in the right direction for improved crypto adoption.

Property Webmasters is also reportedly working on a crypto feature for its own AgentPlus website that is scheduled to go live within 12 months. “From an innovation point of view, it is vital we are looking at crypto,” said Arthur concerning the company’s plans.

The rise of crypto in real estate

Across the Atlantic, cryptocurrencies have made a major incursion in North America, with the U.S. and Canadian cities having the most adoption. Last month, a Connecticut homeowner listed her 187-year-old mansion for $6.5 million in cryptocurrencies. According to the listing details, the owner was comfortable accepting both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).
In February, Gene Simmons, former frontman of KISS, listed his Las Vegas mansion for $13.5 million and stated his readiness to accept payment in cryptocurrencies. Simmons noted that it just makes sense to offer interested parties the option of using cryptocurrency to purchase the estate.”


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