Top Crypto Analyst Says #Bitcoin Could Be Setting Massive Bear Trap – Here Are His Scenarios for BTC

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Top Crypto Analyst Says #Bitcoin Could Be Setting Massive Bear Trap – Here Are His Scenarios for BTC

A closely followed crypto strategist and trader is saying that Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent price correction could just be a massive bear trap.

In a new strategy session, pseudonymous analyst Cred tells TechnicalRoundup’s 32,600 YouTube subscribers that it is within the realm of possibilities that Bitcoin is currently shaking out traders below $60,000 before igniting on an epic rally.

“The only level that matters is the weekly range high here (around $59,000). We closed above it. That’s bullish. [The] market is trading lower now, probably towards [the] previous week’s low ($54,000), but because the close was positive, you’re expecting a trap at [the] previous week’s low and then move back above the level, and your first trouble area is the cluster (around $60,000) and then all-time high plus.

I think that’s not the worst argument in the world.”

The crypto strategist believes that Bitcoin has more or less a week to close above the range high around $60,000 and confirm the bear trap.

“In the most bullish case, it’s not the weekly [candle] that has to get rescued… The monthly and weekly get rescued. This current sh*t price action is just a wick portion. We end up closing above [$60,000], and we all panic for nothing, and it’s a full send.”

However, Cred says BTC could ignite a sell-off event if it fails to reclaim the critical level by the end of the month.

“But anything that doesn’t look like that will result in a monthly and weekly failed breakout, whereby you had the previous range high ($60,000), market poked above it, [and] closed below it. On any timeframe, on any chart, whenever you get that type of stuff – a real effort to break from balance and falling back within – your targets are the mid-range and the range low.”

According to Cred, Bitcoin’s inability to end November above $60,000 could result in a market reversal that likely drives BTC to around $50,000.


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