Top Analyst Issues #Bitcoin Alert, Says #BTC Flashing Bearish Signal Under the Hood

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Top Analyst Issues #Bitcoin Alert, Says #BTC Flashing Bearish Signal Under the Hood

Popular crypto analyst Nicholas Merten says he’s “not too confident” Bitcoin (BTC) can hold in a higher price range than it’s currently at.

In a new YouTube video, Merten tells his 511,000 subscribers that Bitcoin might not even “squeeze higher” at all.

“There are a couple of reasons for this we need to understand. First off, the risk-on indicators here, like ETH to BTC, are signaling that altcoins like Ethereum are underperforming against Bitcoin. This is already the first telltale sign that there is a strong direction here toward Bitcoin rather than the broader crypto space. So that optimism has not come in yet.

But to be completely fair, that’s kind of typical with most bull markets. So this to me is not really the biggest concerning sign so far. The biggest one is that we’re already starting to see, after only just two weeks of market positive cumulative volume delta, or market order flow, where there is more buy-side pressure when it comes to market orders than sell-side market order pressures…

Well, we can see that just after two weeks, after multiple months of having red sell-side pressure… We finally had two upward weeks of cumulative volume delta, and now, yet again, we are seeing a downward trend of minus 3200 on cumulative volume delta.”

Cumulative volume delta (CVD) measures cumulative changes in the volume traded by sell aggressors versus buy aggressors, according to the trading platform Bookmap.

Bitcoin is worth $27,252 at time of writing. The top-ranked crypto asset by market cap is up 2% in the past 24 hours.

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