SlowMist Partners With HashKey Group To Enhance Digital Asset Security

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SlowMist Partners With HashKey Group To Enhance Digital Asset Security

The strategic partnership will work on digital asset ecosystem security, anti-money laundering for digital assets, cutting-edge security technology research, and other technical domains, according to the joint statement.

SlowMist is a company that uncovered hundreds of high- and medium-risk vulnerabilities when evaluating blockchains such as Ethereum, EVM-based blockchains, EOS, Fabric, Solana, Klaytn, and Aptos.

On that basis, the business will also provide Red Teaming services to HashKey Group. The enterprise workforce, business systems, supply chains, office systems, and physical security of the HashKey Group will be evaluated utilizing red teaming.

Based on the evaluation results and HashKey Group’s genuine security needs, SlowMist will supply optimal graded security defense solutions to superior guard weak core nodes and effectively increase attackers’ expenditures.

It will also provide HashKey Group with security consulting services to fulfill the needs of the whole security system and security lifecycle for target projects.

SlowMist Partners With HashKey Group To Enhance Digital Asset Security

The company is an AML/CFT compliance solution with two primary products, MistTrack and Malicious Address Library, that provide more control and protection against money laundering offenders.

In addition, SlowMist will analyze and explore the possibilities of new technologies under development in conjunction with HashKey Group, using its extensive industry knowledge and the research and unique insights of HashKey Group’s professional investment team.

This strategic partnership aims to provide HashKey Group with higher security standards while also contributing to the industry’s broader growth and security development. The company received clearance from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to conduct a virtual asset platform off-site trading activity (OTC) through its subsidiary Hash Blockchain Ltd in February.

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