SHIB, XRP Listed on Wirex’s Dual Asset Investment Tool: Details

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SHIB, XRP Listed on Wirex’s Dual Asset Investment Tool: Details

Web3 money app Wirex has expanded support for Shiba Inu (SHIB) and XRP, as both assets are now listed on its new dual asset investment tool, DUO.

DUO allows users to earn enhanced interest rates on investments. The DUOs consist of two assets (a base and a paired asset) that can be traded with each other on an exchange. This is opened with a base asset, whose price is expected to depreciate against the price of the paired asset.

In March of this year, Wirex expanded its ecosystem to enable its five million users to access Shiba Inu (SHIB), thus allowing them to receive, send, store and exchange Shiba Inu tokens across its app, wallet and payment platforms.

XRP’s initial support came far earlier, as far back as 2018, which allowed users to buy, sell, exchange and deposit XRP using the Wirex App.

2022 draws to close

The year 2022 was a difficult one across the board for global markets. It was indeed difficult for the cryptocurrency market, marked by industry failures and falling prices. However, both SHIB and XRP had memorable moments this year. According to Binance, SHIB was the second most watched cryptocurrency after BTC and ETH.

XRPL likewise saw the launch of an EVM sidechain and stablecoins, among other innovations. XRP also saw increased utility. The motions for summary judgment as well as that to exclude expert testimony were fully briefed this year, with the judge’s decision now eagerly awaited.

Come 2023, the launch of innovations is anticipated for Shiba Inu, while a successful resolution of the Ripple lawsuit would be hugely positive for the crypto industry.

Source: ethereum.today

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