Sam Bankman-Fried Can’t Stay Off of Twitter

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Following a series of curious one-letter tweets over the past couple of days, ex-FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has returned to typing out full sentences.

«To the best of my knowledge as of post-11/7,» tweeted Bankman-Fried early Tuesday afternoon, «Alameda had more assets than liabilities marked-to-market (but not liquid).»

He also said Alameda had a margin position on FTX International and that FTX US had enough to repay all customers. «Not everyone necessarily agrees with this,» he concluded.

Legal experts say Bankman-Fried’s tweets are likely to show up in court cases that may result from FTX’s collapse. «My advice is shut the f*** up or I quit,» former federal prosecutor Ken White told CoinDesk yesterday when asked what advice he would give Bankman-Fried with regards to his Twitter account.

Source: ethereum.today

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