QuadrigaCX Has Had an Improbable Week

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QuadrigaCX Has Had an Improbable Week

Over 100 bitcoin belonging to collapsed crypto exchange QuadrigaCX has left wallets tied to the exchange, with a majority flowing through a privacy tool. That probably isn’t good news.

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Whispers in the dark

QuadrigaCX Has Had an Improbable Week

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Acting Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chair Martin Gruenberg to a full term heading the agency.

Outside CoinDesk:

  • (New York Magazine) New York Magazine profiled some small-time crypto news outlet which published a story last month about an exchange.
  • (Techdirt) Twitter’s been chaotic recently. CEO Elon Musk banned several journalists on questionable pretenses after banning a flight tracking account on what appear to be false pretenses, made a show of unsuspending them without actually doing so and has changed several policies in very short order. In other news, I’m on Mastodon now.
  • (Politico) I actually have not been following this case that closely yet but a ConsenSys AG case in Switzerland is, in the words of Politico, “heating up.”

QuadrigaCX Has Had an Improbable Week

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