Nimiq integrates gas-abstracted USDC transactions on Polygon

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Nimiq integrates gas-abstracted USDC transactions on Polygon

Blockchain payments ecosystem Nimiq is integrating gas-abstracted USDC transactions for Polygon users within its native wallet. The feature makes it easier for users to process stablecoin transactions without having to hold a secondary token for fees.

Seamless USDC transactions

Nimiq Wallet users can now send and receive USDC without requiring Polygon’s native matic cryptocurrency to cover gas fees. Users only need to hold USDC. The wallet’s built-in smart contract automatically converts gas fees from USDC into matic under the hood — significantly reducing friction in using USDC for everyday payments.

Nimiq is one of the first self-custodial wallets to implement Polygon gas-abstracted transactions, combining the simplified crypto experience with Polygon’s low-cost, high network throughput. It’s powered by the open-source Gas Station Network protocol, which enables decentralized-application users to pay blockchain fees in any token.

«We want to make crypto payments accessible to everyone,» Nimiq ambassador Max Burger said, noting: «Adding gas-abstracted USDC transactions to our wallet is a big step towards that goal. New crypto users can get started with USDC instantly, and as they become more knowledgeable, our wallet provides a path to discover the wider world of crypto.»

«We are excited that Nimiq is working on this groundbreaking development on Polygon,» Polygon Labs’ head of DeFi, Hamzah Khan, added. «By offering gas-abstracted USDC transactions, they’re not only streamlining the user experience but also promoting wider adoption of digital assets.»

Atomic swaps

Nimiq also supports atomic swaps between USDC, BTC and its native coin NIM, as well as a map to find merchants accepting cryptocurrency and a point-of-sale solution.

Gas-abstracted USDC transactions are available in Nimiq Wallet’s latest release.


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