Mina, #MATIC Come Into Spotlight as ZK Tokens Start Gaining Momentum

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Mina, #MATIC Come Into Spotlight as ZK Tokens Start Gaining Momentum

Polygon’s native token, MATIC, and the Mina Protocol token are up more than 18% as the week draws to a close. Their growth would seem to be in harmony with the general market environment, but it could be argued that a number of investors are buying these tokens based on a particular narrative.

The talk is about the zero-knowledge proofs sector, which should make its full debut in the coming months with the release of long-awaited projects. As a technology, ZK has already built a reputation for the future of blockchain privacy and scalability.

M power

Apart from the fact that MINA and MATIC start with the same letter, they are also the main beneficiaries of the impending ZK season. Expected innovations from Polygon and Mina Protocol are considered the most progressive in the field and are most anticipated.

On Polygon’s side in particular, the crypto community will have to get zkEVM, which is a second-layer rollup with extremely low fees and increased privacy due directly to the principle of operation.

As for Mina, the community expects the bridge between the protocol and Ethereum to be launched fairly soon. Success in this case could lead to more decentralized applications connecting to Mina, which, thanks to Mina’s lightness and autonomy, will boost their efficiency, privacy and security.


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