Mars Protocol Is Expected To Launch The Mainnet On January 31

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Mars Protocol Is Expected To Launch The Mainnet On January 31

A total of. 64.4 million new MARS tokens. At present, Mars Hub has released two proposals, one is to support the transfer of MARS to Osmosis through IBC, and the other is to apply for 310,000 OSMO as a liquidity incentive for the upcoming OSMO/MARS liquidity pool.

On January 31, Mars Hub Mainnet will go live.

– $MARS Airdrop.
– Red Bank and Credit Accounts on @osmosiszone. 🧵

— Expedition | Mars Protocol 🛰️ (@ExpeditionMars) January 20, 2023

Each genesis validator will get a proportional delegation of 50 million MARS tokens (50 million or 16 validators), which will be returned to the Mars Hub community pool after one month in order to promote a safe and secure launch environment.

Mars Protocol Is Expected To Launch The Mainnet On January 31

This short-term delegation will assist in defending the network from an assault by a malicious validator who may perhaps amass a sizable delegation of MARS soon after creation and start altering transactions on-chain.

Anyone can establish a Mars Hub validator after the first red block using their own MARS tokens or any MARS tokens delegated to their validators; a maximum of 50 validators can join the active validating set. The temporary delegation is no longer required as more validators join the network and amass MARS delegations.

Early in February 2023, the first Mars Outpost will be launched on Osmosis with complete support for borrowing and lending through the Red Bank. By establishing separate margin accounts, governance will then be able to expand leveraged yield farming on the Fields of Mars.

Mars Hub will serve as a home base for an array of outposts on other blockchains starting with Osmosis in February 2023.

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