Major Media House Hit With Ransomware Attack

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Major Media House Hit With Ransomware Attack

The Guardian has been hacked most likely a ransomware. In such incidents the hacker takes control and then make demands to restore the accounts. These demands are made to make payment in crypto generally.

There have been growing targets on Media organizations across the globe by hackers, mostly fuelled by criminals and nation states. This happened on Tuesday and majority of the staffs has been asked to work remotely. The online publish remains unaffected largely, however, print has been stopped as for today.

The Guardian Media Group chief executive, Anna Bateson, and the editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner, told staff that they are also considering the possibility of it being something else than a ransomware attack. “As everyone knows, there has been a serious incident which has affected our IT network and systems in the last 24 hours. We believe this to be a ransomware attack but are continuing to consider all possibilities.”

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When will the company resume print?

She also mentioned that print articles will be coming from tomorrow, as they are optimistic about it. “We are continuing to publish globally to our website and apps and although some of our internal systems are affected, we are confident we will be able to publish in print tomorrow. Our technology teams have been working to deal with all aspects of this incident, with the vast majority of our staff able to work from home as we did during the pandemic.”

“We will continue to keep our staff and anyone else affected informed. We will update everyone again at the end of the day. With a few key exceptions we would like everyone to work from home for the remainder of the week unless we notify you otherwise.” She thanked the staff and their supporters for the continuous support.

“Thank you to everyone working hard throughout this incident to keep us publishing, looking after our readers, supporters and advertisers, and to keep our core systems available for colleagues,” added Bateson and Viner.


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