Macro Analyst Lyn Alden Says #Bitcoin (BTC) on Track to Becoming a Medium of Exchange – Here’s Why

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Macro Analyst Lyn Alden Says #Bitcoin (BTC) on Track to Becoming a Medium of Exchange – Here’s Why

Macro strategist Lyn Alden believes that it’s only a matter of time before the volatility of Bitcoin (BTC) falls thereby enabling it to be a practical medium of exchange.

Alden says in a What Bitcoin Did podcast that currently, however, the flagship crypto asset fails as an “ideal medium of exchange.”

“In the really early phases, unless you specifically need censorship resistance or unless you’re in an unbanked environment, for a lot of people in developed countries Bitcoin is not the ideal medium of exchange. Unless they are de-platformed or they just really want to use it right um they’re they are super into it.”

According to the macro strategist, Bitcoin’s volatility will decline as the adoption level rises.

“If you go through five more of these cycles, and we’re 20 years in the future, and Bitcoin is more steady state, and it’s held by 30% of the world population, whatever number it is, you’d expect it to be a lot less volatile in that environment than it is now.”

Besides the low adoption rate, the macro strategist says that the speculation and leverage in the crypto market contribute to Bitcoin’s high volatility levels.

“[Bitcoin is right now] held by actually a pretty small percentage population, there’s hidden pockets of leverage in the system, like we’ve seen with some of these lenders. For example, it’s often used as collateral to make bets on altcoins and things like that. And so there are multiple things that can add or decrease volatility.

So when it goes up in price a lot, a lot of new people discover it for the first time. Or at this point, they’ve heard of it but they might not have really looked into it and they start to look into it again.

So there’s new buyers flooding in that add upward volatility and then when you get that leverage and that speculation, you get sharp downward volatility.”


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