JUST IN: #SHIB Founder’s Name Exposed by YouTuber BitBoy

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JUST IN: #SHIB Founder’s Name Exposed by YouTuber BitBoy

BitBoy crypto YouTuber (the real name is Ben Armstrong) has taken to Twitter to promise that he will finally “dox” the real name of the pseudonymous Shiba Inu co-founder and lead developer – Shytoshi Kusama.

Armstrong said he would do it on his YouTube channel. The video is out there already and the name of Shytoshi Kusama has been allegedly revealed.

I don’t understand why there is some artificial beef between me and some Shiba guy I’ve never heard of who buys fake engagement. Like I got enough real beefs.

Shiba founder doxxed on my channel tonight at 10pm est

— Ben Armstrong (@Bitboy_Crypto) March 17, 2023

The debate between BitBoy and Kusama

For the first time, BitBoy threatened to dox Shytoshi Kusama’s real name on Thursday, after the allegations were spread on Twitter that the recently released Puppynet (Shibarium in beta) was a clone of the Rinia chain. Apparently, SHIB devs forgot to change the chain ID number.

Kusama then dispelled these accusations of plagiarism as FUD. However, this seems to have urged BitBoy to start threatening to “dox” him.

Apparently, BitBoy Armstrong was offended by Kusama said that now BitBoy has “real beef” to deal with in a recent tweet, which was a hint at a recently started class action lawsuit against BitBoy and several other crypto bloggers. Kusama also accused BitBoy of saying “nothing about Shib in substance” and of ignoring him.

Armstrong stated now that Kusama buys engagement and promised to dox him on his YouTube channel as soon as tonight.

Previously, Armstrong said that there is enough evidence to believe that Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO and founder of the crashed FTX exchange, worked on Shiba Inu at an early stage of the project.

Top SHIB enthusiast responds to BitBoy

Major Shiba Inu enthusiast Lucie Sasinkova responded to Armstrong’s tweet in defence of the lead SHIB developer. She said that BitBoy does not “even know the basics” about Shytoshi Kusama and that she believes BitBoy’s real goal is to gain as many views and engagement as possible on his YouTube videos.

These videos carry “zero credibility, zero research”. Lucie believes that BitBoy is trying to “milk on Shiba” since this meme cryptocurrency is currently trending. Those who are similar to BitBoy and are spreading FUD about SHIB, just want “to sell their own bags”.

Shib founder’s name exposed

According to BitBoy, the real name of the Shiba Inu founder is Neyma Jahan. The Twitter account of this person is @neyma. In response to BitBoy’s video he has revealed some information about himself.

I am one of the founders of @UnificationUND (fund/$xfund). I have not been active in a leadership role for sometime, but still do my part to support the team and platform

— neyma (@neyma) March 17, 2023

This person is one of the founders of Unification – the fund that has been working on Shiba Inu and Shibarium. He has rejected the rumors about working with SBF on any business project whatsoever. However, he acknowledged that they were together in the same room twice and Neyma “exchanged hello” with him. Apparently, this is the real name of Shytoshi Kusama.

I am a technology founder who loves the concepts of blockchain but stepped back from the public because I did not enjoy the heated lifestyle that came with this. I wish you all the best and any further questions you can ask me in the Unification telegram channel

— neyma (@neyma) March 17, 2023

U.Today has asked Shytoshi to confirm or refute this information.


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