Input Output Global’s CTO Highlights the Significance of Input Endorsers to #Cardano Network

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Input Output Global’s CTO Highlights the Significance of Input Endorsers to #Cardano Network

Coutts has shared details of some of the amazing features of input endorsers.

Duncan Coutts, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Input Output Global (IOG), the company responsible for conducting software development and research for Cardano, has highlighted the importance of Input Endorsers to the blockchain. 

In an interview with City A.M. Darren Parkin, Coutts noted that the Input Endorser is an important update that will boost Cardano’s scaling this year. 

According to Coutts, who just returned from paternity leave, input endorsers will boost Cardano’s speed by improving the network’s block propagation times, which allows transactions to be distributed into pre-constructed blocks. 

The end result of input endorsers is to ensure consistency of block propagation times and high transaction rates. 

“The way we’re going to achieve this is with improvements to Ouroboros, the proof-of-stake consensus protocol for Cardano,” Coutts said. 

IOG Building New Ouroboros Software

The IOG Chief Technical Officer added that Cardano’s software development team is working on a new version of Ouroboros, allowing the IOG to use all the resources on the network’s server. 

“Cardano’s servers have a lot of resources at the moment, but we aren’t able to make use of all of them. The reason for this comes down to the linear nature of the blockchain. You have to get a block from here to everywhere in time for the next block to be produced,” he added.  

The new version of Ouroboros, dubbed Leios, will change Cardano’s block structure from having only one header and a single body to a header and multiple bodies, Coutts added. 

Coutts noted that Ouroboros Leios will help in the production of ranking blocks that have between 10 and 20 smaller block bodies, adding: 

“These are the pre-constructed blocks, which will be spread out over time with input endorsers, allowing the resources to be used more fully, the spread of blocks to happen faster, and for transaction rates to be higher.” 

IOG Hype Input Endorsers 

Notably, the IOG has teased the Cardano community that input endorsers will introduce exciting features to the blockchain once it goes live. 

Last month, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOG said: “Just got off a research call. I think everyone will be pleased about some genuinely amazing things coming together for Input Endorsers. We’ll have a video on it at Consensus on it.” 

Input endorser is tipped to be the next upgrade the IOG will focus on after Vasil Hard Fork. The update is under development to meet future demands before the need for it arises. 


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