Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi to List ROUTE

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Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi to List ROUTE

Crypto exchange Huobi has tweeted that it will be listing ROUTE (Router Protocol) on 8th June. After listing ROUTE, withdrawals will be on hold until 9th June. But, users can start trading and depositing immediately. https://twitter.com/HuobiGlobal/status/1534398423679606784?t=_094FrDyj5_Exm6bTAPj3g&s=19

Huobi to List ROUTE on 8th June

Huobi announced its decision to list ROUTE on 8th June at 02:00 (UTC). After Huobi successfully lists ROUTE, users can immediately deposit their tokens. Users can also start spot trading. But, that’s only when the number for deposits hits the market’s trading demand. Users can only start withdrawing their tokens from 9th June at 13:00 (UTC). Market orders for buying and selling will be immediately canceled. But, that’s if there aren’t any orders within 90% to 110% of the latest price on the orderbook. This prevents slippage. When trading newly issued tokens, make sure you’ve done the necessary risk assessment. You need to do this because they’re prone to high price volatility. Users from banned countries are barred from depositing and trading in the Pioneer Zone because of local compliance laws. In order to deposit and trade, other users must verify their identity first.

What Do We Know About Router Protocol?

Router Protocol is a cross-chain liquidity aggregator platform that bridges L1 and L2 blockchains. The idea is to allow users to effortlessly swap assets between networks in a near-instantaneous and low-cost way.

Source: ethereum.today

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