Cardano CEO Releases New Video Titled “Drama and FUD with Governance.”

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Cardano CEO Releases New Video Titled “Drama and FUD with Governance.”

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of the blockchain platforms Cardano and Input Output Global (IOG), released a new video under the title “Drama and FUD with governance” on his YouTube channel, discussing the innumerable dramas “floating over Twitter”, the fallacies on the CIP of 1964, etc.

On March 16, Hoskinson shared a Twitter thread sharing the video that focuses on the Twitter posts that he calls “materially untrue.”

Drama and FUD with Governance

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) March 15, 2023

Notably, Hoskinson, in his video, elaborated on the politics of disagreeing with the different phases of governance, relating to the Cardano governance.

Significantly, Cardano claimed that the CIP of 1964, an upgrade that would launch the blockchain into the Voltaire era, is a mechanism for “on-chain governance that would underpin the Voltaire phase of Cardano.”

The document builds on and extends the original Cardano governance scheme that was based on a fixed number of governance keys. It aims to provide a first step that is both valuable and technically achievable in the near term as part of the proposed Voltaire governance system.

Interestingly, Hoskinson asserted that it’s mandatory to spare at least 10 minutes to read the CIP 1694 oneself rather than exclaiming “I can’t believe they’re doing that” while reading a Twitter thread or watching a YouTube video, rooted in untruth.

Also, he added that the CIP of 1964 would make the public surprised, saying “You’ll be surprised that there is a lot of nuance, there is a lot of balances… it is the minimum viable governance.”

Notably, the CEO stressed that the only way Voltaire is accessed is by “designing a system together that reflects the needs of everybody”.


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