Breaking: Shiba Inu Developer Admits Blunder With Shibarium Beta Chain ID

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Breaking: Shiba Inu Developer Admits Blunder With Shibarium Beta Chain ID

Serious allegations are raised in the official Shiba Inu Discord channel against the Shibarium Beta chain forked from Rinia chain as it uses the same chain ID. Moderators on the Discord channel said anyone interacting with the Shibarium chain would actually be interacting with the Rinia chain as wallets and other application uses chain ID to determine which network to send transactions to.

Top-ranked community members accused Shibarium testnet of taking Rinia testnet genesis file and changing the name, but forgot to change the chain ID. Trophias, another former developer of Shiba Inu, accused the metaverse team of buying assets without modification. He asserts the team consisting of Beysed, Milkshake, UB, Stix, and Firstword has no knowledge and accuses Shytoshi Kusama of firing the previous developers.

Shiba Inu developer Kaal Dhairya took to Twitter to calm the FUD surrounding the chain ID of Shibarium Beta. He revealed that a few chain IDs were selected randomly during the Alpha network deployment — 417 (Alpha), 517(Staging), 917(pre-pod/beta).

Kaal Dhairya claims these chains were not registered at that time and he made a mistake “to not recheck when the PuppyNet network was launched.” He will redeploy a new version of the Shibarium Beta network with a new chain ID, which will take a week. Moreover, he said there will be many changes as it’s still in the Beta phase and hopes for a better Shibarium Layer-2 blockchain.

Without getting into any fist fights I will be redeploying new version of BETA network with a new chain ID
Fresh deployments will be rare in the future but are possible because we will still be in BETA phase.
I wish good luck to the blockchain and hope we can all work together.

— ShibDev4Evr (@kaaldhairya) March 16, 2023

Meanwhile, crypto influencer Ben Armstrong or BitBoy threatens to dox the identity of Ryoshi, founder of Shiba Inu, this week. He claims former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried was once involved after Shiba Inu co-founders split. The main co-founder worked with Sam Bankman-Fried on the project, with sufficient evidence supporting it.


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