Boba Network Now First L2 on Avalanche

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Boba Network Now First L2 on Avalanche

With the release of their L2 scaling solution on Avalanche, Boba Network becomes the first multichain Layer-2 blockchain. It’s the first time Avalanche has had an L2 and its Boba. It further establishes Boba as the de facto standard L2 for scaling blockchain networks, and gives Avalanche developers an additional low-fee setting in which to create advanced applications. The EvoVerses dApp is one of the first to be deployed on Avalanche’s Boba platform.

Moreover, with the release, Avalanche developers will have access to Hybrid Compute, one of Boba’s flagship features for smart contracts, allowing for streamlined integration with Web2 APIs. Developers may build robust, useful apps by combining blockchain technology with off-chain computing and real-world data. Boba’s built-in NFT Bridge facilitates effortless L1-to-L2-NFT transfers, making it a useful tool for Avalanche projects.

Alan Chiu, Founder of Enya Labs, the core contributor to Boba Network, said:

“We’re excited to become the first multichain L2 on Avalanche. This partnership enables Avalanche to support even more users and transactions, and empowers Avalanche developers to build dApps that connect with off-chain APIs. Boba is now synonymous with Layer-1 scaling that’s available when and where it’s needed.”

Luigi D’Onorio DeMeo, Head of DeFi at Ava Labs, said:

“By deploying to additional chains, Boba breaks fresh ground and brings Avalanche its very first L2 Equipping our talented developers with yet another way to make dApps cheap, fast, and scalable will only benefit users. We’re excited to see how this integration evolves and where the story of Avalanche L2s leads.”

As Boba seeks to make blockchain ready for widespread usage by introducing faster and more accessible solutions, the Avalanche integration is a perfect fit. As a result, users of web3 will have an experience similar to that of web2 users, but with the additional benefits of anonymity, access control, and content ownership. By introducing new alliances, Boba Network hopes to further establish itself as the L2 of choice for Layer-1s in need of turnkey scalability and Web3-Web2 compatibility.

Boba is the first L2 Avalanche. After its release in September 2020, Avalanche ushered in a new age of blockchains with near-instant transaction finality. Today, Avalanche supports over 500 decentralized applications (dApps), provides blockchains tailored to individual applications (called Subnets), and secures billions of dollars’ in value with little environmental effect.

As a launch partner dApp for the Avalanche integration, Boba Network will host EvoVerses, a P2E turn-based strategy game in which players may receive rewards for their time and effort. The 3D PvP gameplay of EvoVerses, which is powered by Unreal Engine 5, will greatly benefit from Boba’s pre-established bridge, API call capabilities, and Hybrid Compute. On Avalanche’s Boba Network L2, the popular DeFi tool provider Sushi has introduced its own Legacy Swap.

Alevo, founder at EvoVerses said:

“Finding Boba was like finding that secret ingredient for your favorite meal: the perfect combination, the perfect addition. Boba offers us the scalability, security, and fast transactions that we were looking for to scale a real game into the crypto space without sacrificing anything for that and making sure the transaction fees are really low which is a must in any crypto game! EvoVerses is excited about this partnership and everything that will grow from here!” 


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