Bitget Launches Its DEX Aggregator After Wallet Hack

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Bitget Launches Its DEX Aggregator After Wallet Hack

In a press release, Bitget announced the introduction of “MegaSwap.”However, it enables users to trade or exchange their digital assets for more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies in a DeFi environment. Users who have a MegaSwap account can trade on the Bitget platform through ten well-known DEXs and eight powerful channels.

Users can benefit from the best of both worlds thanks to this feature. However, it combines the flexibility and variety of DeFi with the safety and practicality of CeFi.

Bitget’s CEO, Grace Chen, says

“MegaSwap is an important step taken by Bitget in building a unique safe, dynamic and robust trading experience to reach critical mass.”

Bitget announces Megaswap

While DEXs are becoming more and more popular among investors who want to quickly get their hands on a wider variety of tokens, CEX users enjoy secure trading experiences with a variety of products and services. DEX trading, though, is not for everyone.

Many users are put off from using DEXs by the knowledge gap. Also, lack of protection for assets stored on Defi wallets. Given this, MegaSwap is created to meet user demands for convenience and security trading, while also gaining from a wide range of assets and high liquidity, enabling users to integrate a centralized trading experience in Defi markets.

By streamlining the payment of gas fees, MegaSwap not only combines the benefits of CEX and DEX but also makes trading even simpler. In order to make trading as easy as possible for users. MegaSwap automatically converts gas fees from stablecoin balances in user accounts.

Bitget’s non-custodial wallet was stolen

Earlier, Bitget’s non-custodial wallet BitKeep is thought to have been stolen across a wide area. According to the official, an urgent investigation is being conducted. However, the BitKeep Security Fund will provide full compensation if the platform is to blame for the asset loss.

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Source: ethereum.today

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