Baby#DOGE Christmas Came Early, Here’s Why

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Baby#DOGE Christmas Came Early, Here’s Why

The new partnership will see 1-inch integrate the Baby Doge smart router as a new source of liquidity.

Baby Doge, the fast-growing meme project built on the Binance Smart Chain, has formed a new partnership with decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch, which would see the latter integrate the Baby Doge smart router as a new liquidity source. The development underscores Baby Doge’s exponential growth in recent times.

The meme project recently announced the collaboration through its official Twitter handle. “Christmas came early!

We are super excited that 1inch has integrated the Baby Doge router as a new liquidity source,” the Baby Doge team disclosed in a tweet Thursday. The development, highlighted by 1 inch, has triggered excitement amongst community members.

Christmas came early ! 🥳

We are super excited that @1inch has integrated the Baby Doge router as a new liquidity source

— LIVE (@BabyDogeCoin) December 22, 2022

A router is used within cryptocurrency to address exchanges’ liquidity problems. It serves as a liquidity provider by transferring funds between chains to meet user demands for specific assets.

The Baby Doge smart router will help provide liquidity for swap demands involving BABYDOGE on 1inch. The 1inch platform has already integrated the router as of press time. Three months back, decentralized exchange Wateenswap revealed plans to add the Baby Doge router.

Baby Doge’s Recent Developments

Launched in June 2021, Baby Doge has been on a rampage of late, tirelessly introducing new developments and forming several partnerships to secure a prominent position within the crypto scene. In October, Baby Doge launched its decentralized exchange Baby Doge Swap, introducing a 60,000% APY in farming rewards on the BUSD/USDT pair.

A few weeks after the launch, the team revealed that the Baby Doge Swap exchange is preparing to welcome eight new projects. Furthermore, the exchange introduced futures contracts with up to 100x leverage last month and a feature to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat early this month.

Baby Doge Swap remains the 15th largest DEX on BSC by trade volume, with a total value locked (TVL) of $27.07M as of press time, per data from DeFi TVL aggregator DefiLlama.

Meanwhile, the Baby Doge token has also increased in popularity, securing several listings on notable exchanges, with the latest being the top Singapore-based exchange BingX. Three months back, Baby Doge ranked as the top project with the highest burn rate due to the persistent burns that have incinerated 50% of its supply so far.


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