AptosLaunch Expands to Sui Space with the Launch of SuiLaunch Protocol

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AptosLaunch Expands to Sui Space with the Launch of SuiLaunch Protocol

AptosLaunch announces the launch of SuiLaunch, the first protocol exclusively for the Sui blockchain that provides a secure, transparent, and decentralized way for project creators to raise liquidity and community to back innovative projects.

The AptosLaunch team, which has engineered SuiLaunch with its core technology, has also integrated an insurance feature and staking rewards for the SuiLaunch token ($SLT), which is set to go on sale in the Initial Bond Offering (IBO) using AptosLaunch’s Vesting Swap Technology.

SuiLaunch Token ($SLT) Initial Bond Offering (IBO)

SuiLaunch will follow a tier system that is tailored for Sui projects to ensure a fair distribution of IDO/IEO tokens so that all participants can obtain them without a single party obtaining a high percentage of the supply. Holders in the higher tiers will have greater advantages, such as the ability to participate in early rounds and receive allocations of a larger size.

AptosLaunch Expands to Sui Space with the Launch of SuiLaunch Protocol

The first IBO is set to begin on 10th May 2023 at 0800 UTC, and users will be able to bond in $ALT, $APT, $USDT, and $ALT/$SLT LP Tokens in return for $SLT. In addition, there will be 60 rounds for $ALT holders to bond their $ALT for $SLT. After 60 rounds, the entire liquidity of $ALT is anticipated to decrease by 30%, while 50% of the raised $ALT will be burned. The IBO schedule is ongoing and will last longer than the typical timeframe for most launchpads.

The insurance feature offered by AptosLaunch will also be available for SuiLaunch participants, which will help protect their principal capital when backing launchpad projects. SuiLaunch has already garnered more than 100k followers on Twitter and 80k members on Discord from the AptosLaunch community, which reflects the excitement surrounding the launch of the new protocol.

AptosLaunch is the premier decentralized launchpad on the Aptos Network. The launch of SuiLaunch marks AptosLaunch’s expansion into the Sui Space, building on its success in the Aptos Space. The AptosLaunch team has brought its expertise, connections, and experience to the Sui blockchain, providing premier launchpad solutions to the Move ecosystem.


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