Amid Bear Market Woes, ABBC Trade Offers Ray of Hope: 300% BUSD Rewards

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Global blockchain technology organization ABBC Foundation announced the launch of its latest portal ABBC Trade. Users who trade their ABBC coins using the platform will be able to earn 300% BUSD rewards. Additionally, users can benefit from other BUSD rewards through referral systems and monthly bonanza events.

We are proud to announce🔊 the launch of our portal, ABBC Trade! With #ABBC Trade, you can earn #BUSD rewards and gain up to 300% interest!

Earn more BUSD now by using #ABBCTrade!

Visit the link below to get started:
👉 #Announcement

— ABBC Foundation (@abbcfoundation) October 31, 2022

Reportedly, ABBC Trade is all set to provide users with a “fast, efficient, and secure crypto experience” while using the portal. Moreover, users can track all BUSD rewards they have earned which they are entitled to claim every 7 days through Aladdin Pro wallet.

The ABBC Foundation stated on their blog that holders can trade their ABBC coins for a minimum of 300 BUSD and a maximum of 3,000 BUSD each month. In regards to users reaching the maximum limit, they must wait at least a month before trading further ABBC. Further information can be found in the ABBC Trade user manual.

Notably, ABBC Trade users can invite their friends to open an account in the ABBC Trade portal using a referral code and gain 7% BUSD as a referral fee which they can receive immediately once their invitee subscribes to a plan.

In addition to the above mentioned offerings, ABBC Foundation plans to conduct a Bonanza event every month wherein one lucky winner with an active ABBC Trade plan will have the chance to double the amount traded on their plan.

With the current market situation, the aim to provide huge returns to crypto investors is a ray of hope for the crypto community. As mentioned, ABBC assures its users that 300% BUSD rewards will be given to those who trade their ABBC coins on the platform in a span of 365 days. Amid the collapse of FTX and the darkening crypto space, this promise comes as a relief. However, investors across the globe are staring at the slumps in the markets expecting a long and treacherous crypto winter ahead.


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