ADA was Not Listed on Gemini, but Hoskinson Remains Positive

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ADA was Not Listed on Gemini, but Hoskinson Remains Positive

Recently omitted from Coinbase’s “2023 Crypto Market Outlook,” Cardano was snubbed again when ADA wasn’t listed on Gemini’s crypto exchange. However, the Cardano CEO, Charles Hoskinson, explained in an interview on Twitter Spaces that it may be for the best, saying:

We are still not listed on Gemini. Turns out that’s probably a good thing cause FTX didn’t list us either,

Last month, Gemini was embroiled in the Genesis drama. Reuters reported the troubled crypto lender owes Gemini $900 million, leaving Gemini searching for a way to recoup this debt.

The now infamous crypto exchange, FTX, collapsed just before it could officially list ADA. At the time, Cardano was the only major crypto not listed by FTX, though the founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, tweeted that he had plans to add ADA to their exchange. However, this plainly never came to fruition.

“It’s a bald-faced lie to say that there is no development activity,” ADA owner said during the Twitter interview. Hoskinson asserted a firm stance regarding critics of the Cardano blockchain by proclaiming that he “just had no tolerance anymore” for those spreading false information about ADA.

With ADA ranking in CoinMarketCap’s top 10 cryptos, Hoskinson takes his business seriously. He has taken an aggressive stance against those who spread “lies” about Cardano.

“What I’m not happy to do is to indulge lies, straight-up lies about adoption, which they all are,” continued Hoskinson as he elaborated on his intolerance of crypto pundits lying about the progress of ADA’s adoption and development.

Source: ethereum.today

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